Thursday, July 14, 2016

Rayson's Exhaust

I've been planning to run Triumph 1950's T100R/RR style flat track pipes on my current project almost since it's inception. I've looked at building my own, talked to several sources that have made or or suggested they could potentially do a limited production run and damn near everything in between. I was pretty stoked to see Rayson Exhaust's post this week. I been chasing this for more than 4 years now so I'm cautiously optimistic but Rayson's seems like a pretty cool business in concept. Hard not to like the guys for a motorcycle history geek like myself.

"We've absolutely loved working on our latest exhaust system, after being asked multiple times by our American followers over the past few years, we finally had an opportunity to replicate a set of Triumph T100R pipes, albeit on a modified, rigid framed Triumph TR5.
Our good friend and customer wanted to replicate the iconic exhaust system for his flat track build, and we totally love the style of them, the sweeping curve of the left hand pipe has a touch of vintage class, mixed with loud and rowdy twin stacked open megaphones on the rear!
We can't wait to see this bike finished off, it's going to be a real head turner, we'll be sure to get some pics and maybe a quick video provided our cameras microphone can handle the noise!"

I can only guess what the entire exhaust system with overseas shipping might cost...

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