Sunday, August 31, 2014

Vashon 2014

I was able to attend Vashon Isle with Flathead Rob for the first time this year. The weather was great and we had a good time. As always we met some really cool new and old friends. The only negative to this show is there is so much cool stuff you find yourself not super impressed at the time by bikes you'd be stoked to see on any normal day.

This MV ruled but my favorite detail was the license plate image resized to fit the Italian plate holder


gortnipper said...

Man, I miss the Vashon rally. The thing I like best is getting off the ferry in the am on the way over, and hearing half a ferry-load of vintage bikes shaking the steel walls...

Oh, here's an nice ran when parked (er...not parked and still running) Scout for you down here in NZ

BitMonkey said...

Agreed, the ferry ride might be my favorite part too.

Please send your email address via the form sometime. I'd love to chat with you a little about your time in Seattle and when you left for NZ.

gortnipper said...

You may want to check your junk mail, I sent you an email last week.