Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tenino 2014

I finally made it to Tenino - I didn't find anything I needed parts wise but it was still a pretty cool event. Loads of cool bikes for the relatively small size and I met a lot of cool people. I'm not sure I've ever seen so many Indians per-capita.


gortnipper said...

Was Indian Jeff there? I was always amazed when he used to win the kick start race at Vashon on his Indian.

A.Samuelsen said...

Indian jeff died a few years back got in a wreck out side of Jackson hot spring in Montana may have hit a cow at night on his BMW Oct cold frosty night laid out all night he was not the same after that.
A Good man Loved by some R.I.P. Jeff

gortnipper said...

Oh, didnt know. Have been living in New Zealand for past 10 years. He was a character and a half. Too bad.