Saturday, May 11, 2013

South Prairie Fly-In 2013

I had planned and prepared to ride Emma ('51 Triumph Tiger) to the fly-in this morning. As I was preparing to leave my 7 year old could no longer fight back the tears. He really wanted to see the vintage planes. I won't lie, I wasn't all that stoked about driving down instead. Knowing Flathead Rob may well have been thrilled to have the same problem with his boys at the same age, and recalling Rob saying Vaughn was the first person to EVER out last his enthusiasm at the Museum of Flight, I dropped back to punt and drove the truck down.

I'm sorry I didn't get the bike down, in large part because I would have liked to meet some of the other guys that had old Brit bikes there. The weather was perfect too. Next time.

This car was crazy nice

I loved this '49 Ford. Flawlessly done flathead.

No pipe discoloration. Not a drop of oil. Was this bike really ridden there?

This duplex was super sanitary.

'60 Veleocette MSS. Might have been my favorite bike there.

Vaughn's favorite plane. He compared it to a Cobra. It's scary sometimes how much he gets it

As if an airfield for a backyard isn't enough. Quite a view of Mt Rainer as well

Do you have a Gee Bee in your garage?

So how was it? This was probably the best show I have ever been to (save maybe the Motorcycle Cannonball). Best company I've ever had at a show too.

Vaughn decided next year we'd resolve the motorcycle riding down there on the back of Uncle Rob's '48 Chief. With any luck these photos will convince English Stephen he needs to be here for it too.

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