Saturday, July 24, 2010

Training Wheels...

I took the Sprite to the All British Field Meet today. There was only one motorcycle, a pre-unit BSA with a plunger rear suspension, but I missed the opportunity to photograph it.

I did see these really cool "Mogs". This first one is a 1934 Morgan "Super Sport" (I wonder if Chevy paid royalties on that name in the sixties...)

I have no idea how one would get into this vehicle with the top up... The engine is liquid cooled, and appears to have atmospheric intake valves and "hemi" heads. JAP made motorcycle engines also.

And this one is a 1937 with a flathead engine... This one was apparently recently featured at Pebble Beach.


BitMonkey said...

Any nibbles on the Sprite?

Flathead45 said...

No offers, some interest.