Saturday, June 19, 2010

Smokeout West

Joey, V & I went the Smokeout West this weekend. Took a bunch of picture but I'm tired and sun baked to post many of them.

I was HOT. Thanks Joey & V for being good sports about hanging out in the sun all day.

Here's the 1938 HD Big Twin flathead I elected not to trade V for.

I got a call from Leonard while I was out there and ended up talking him into coming out. Leonard is Grey Beard royalty. He also has some amazing rock & roll stories! Brought this insane Austrian 750+cc single he and a buddy restored. Never did get to hear that thing run...

Perhaps the coolest OIF I've ever seen. Ended up a "10 Best" winner.

Justin & Tommy rode out. Justin - Thanks for hanging around so I could ride back with you, it was the funnest part of the trip. Crazy to think his big was completely in pieces yesterday. Justin's bike getting some love in the show:

Ran into John Stromberg while we were out there. His new Indian powered custom was pretty sick. Paint was amazing! John said he just finished the bike yesterday. Of course it ended up being a "10 Best" winner.

Olivia had a good day too. Another Smokeout West "10 Best" winner...

Englishman from The Horse Backstreet Choppers shooting my 'Liv. Kinda wild.


Flathead45 said...

Super cool!!! Congrats from the Seattle Roots. I think you made the right decision not to trade V for the Flattie...

How come you havn't hardtailed V's PW50 and put a mini Bates on it yet??

BitMonkey said...

Hardtailing the PW50 might cut into my plan of "Little League" Dadding V into a Supercross championship in 2023.