Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chronomatic Speedo

This face is the special revo-meter style which was used on the 1959-ish Triumph Bonneville. It's kind of an half-assed attempt combine the speedo and tach into one instrument. I love it. It's about the only way I'd actually want to add gauges to my bike, short of a fix-it ticket. All the chrono speedos I've seen (used '40s thru early '60's) are pretty damn cool. Unfortunately I've also heard they the typically spend a fortune to rebuild them so they work for a week Smiths gauges affair. If I were possible retro fit the revo face to my later speedo I'd still consider it...

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Flathead45 said...

That's actually a cool idea. For a while in H.S. I had to do the reverse, and use the Tach in the Sprite as a Speedo. I still remember, 11 mph per 1000 rpm in 3rd, and 15 mph/1000 rpm in 4th.