Friday, July 11, 2008

Vaughn has class!

Vaughn is just demonstrating (once again) that he has truly impeccable taste when it comes to all things with wheels and engines. The "knuck" is difficult to knock.

There is a big car/motorcycle show tomorrow in Tacoma. Has to be pre-1954, and has to be stock. I am torn between taking the 45", and taking the Plymouth, but have decided that the Plymouth is deserving of an outing, since the Harley gets out a lot more.

I wish Vaughn was here so I could take him to see the Cossacks. They would give him a ride in some strange location (front fender, rear fender, standing on the center stand). They do that with all the kids. He sure is one handsome guy.

Tell Tyler he wins the bet. I told him there was no way Sydney could wear Vaughn's Harley shirt. He is right.

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