Saturday, July 5, 2008


I've done a fair amount of work on the Trump so far this weekend. To start with it's running pretty well so I've just ridden it quite a bit.

I removed the mufflers and bought/installed some in-the-pipe baffles. They are a little louder than the mufflers were but they don't seem to have impacted the air/fuel mixture much if at all. There was break in the weld just before the muffler on the RH side that created about a 1/4" gap. They were leaking pretty badly before the swap.

I also removed the front fender and the goofy hubcap. The wheel was pretty rough under the hubcap so it required some serious cleanup and a little paint. I still plan to try to find a 69-70 hubcap.

Finally, I worked on cleaning up & polishing the front brake some more. It's not quite done yet but starting to look a lot better. I also worked on cleaning up some of the hardware that will move on to the hardtail (ex. rear axle hardware).

Sorry the pictures are a little crappy.

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