Saturday, January 27, 2018

Kicking Technique

Let me just start by admitting I have officially become that "get off my lawn!" crotchety old man. I guess it happens to us all if you live long enough. That said I have a motorcycling pet peeve I can just no longer keep to myself. When kick-starting a motorcycle there are officially two acceptable methods:

1) Stand next to the bike, one foot on the kicker and one on the ground
2) Straddle the bike, one foot on the kicker and one on the ground

Some jackass somewhere decided in the recent past it was cool to either kneel in the seat or wildly swing the opposing leg. Guess what. You were wrong. It's really fucking stupid. To the clowns that then decided to emulate that guy... just stop.
Awesome. These douches know both techniques.
Guys have successfully kick-started bikes for almost 100 years without ever using either new method. The swinging leg guys who explode their knee when their stroked Shovelhead pops back will eventually learn it's really dumb too.

I conducted a vast search to pinpoint that first jackass (to blame). Surprisingly I found him in a 1950 issue of CYCLE magazine issue. Here's the deal, it was a joke. Evidently the other 65 years worth of guys that saw article this got that. In any case, happy to clear it up. Now please stop.
If you are absolutely hellbent to express your "individuality" maybe just learn to do something cool while you are riding (Oh, and without your official photographer present. I promise Instagram won't revolt). So that means flipping off the camera while you look real tough does not count. Maybe learn to wheelie, jump or ride backwards.


Bastard said...

Yes, this something I just laugh at..Real deal riders straddle the bike..Just like when you're waiting for the flag to drop while gazing at the smoke bomb that marks
the start of the 1st loop.......You kick the bike when the flag drops.. And experienced bad asses always back their bikes into a parking spot... A fast getaway is kinda important from time to time........

Yes, I am old and have learned to shake my fist in the air backwards
while shouting at Mike B... (your pal) Get off my lawn.

srg said...

After being hit on a bike by a 93 year old in a Lincoln, I have a completely disrupted ACL in my right leg. That means NO lateral stability. I stand at the right of the bike, keep the right leg straight and stiff, and kick down with my left leg. Works great on my 1930 D model, my 1934 VLD, my 1946 Knucklehead, and my 1951 Panhead. It may not look completely elegant, but it is not good to judge a book by the cover. I've been riding since 1966 and plan to put more years in. Ride safe, it's getting a bit insane with people typing while they're driving.

BitMonkey said...

The difference is you or Deacon are are not posting photos of your kicking method on Instagram because it’s so badass. I’ll pass no judgement until you start.