Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Model T Driving School

For those hot on the hunt for an unusual Christmas gift for that old car buff on your shopping list LeMay Marymount is again offering their Model T Driver's Education Class. I believe Flathead Rob's buddy Mike Conrad is a again signed on as a teacher. It's not exactly cheap but it's probably a once in a lifetime shot for most guys.
A couple of years ago Rob taught Mike to kick start his 1938 HD U in exchange for a Model T hand crank lesson. I hand cranked it and got a ride too. Pretty cool.

If you are a quick self study and already have a Model T at your disposal here's a driving lesson on the same type of roads your great-grandfather drove on.

I remember having to ask Mike several questions about what the individual controls actually do. I don't think I remember enough to steal one if I had to...

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