Sunday, December 11, 2016

Jeri Drager Auction

My brother Rob and some friends made the trek to Anacortes for Jeri Drager's warehouse auction. I was bummed I could not make it. For any that don't know Drager's Harley Davidson opened in Aberdeen, Washington in 1934 and relocated to Seattle in 1950. I believe Jeri is the 3rd generation of HD Drager's.
 The auction encompassed everything in a warehouse shared with at least Jeri and his father. You can get a sense of the overall scope of the stuff sold through this video tour. In addition to a 1942 American Lafrance firetruck, 1958 Pontiac Star Chief and loads of miscellaneous tools and marine stuff there was some pretty cool HD NOS stuff. Word is American Pickers was supposed to hit the warehouse during their recent Seattle visit and couldn't fit it in.

Sadly Rob didn't make it home with too much. One guy with deep pockets out bid everyone on almost everything HD or Indian, probably to resell. Rob had a shot at a one year 1938 speedometer for his 1938 BT and of course this guy ran it up. He'll probably flip it on eBay this weekend. There are facets of this hobby that just really blow.  There was also a new in create NOS WLA engine that had never been run.

I came super close to bringing home a 1958 Triumph mutt project for my brother-in-law. Great price but it had no title, was seized and would have been a lot of work.
If I could have brought home anything it would have been one of these chenille patches. I think "Money Bags" bought them all...
Rob did bring home this Amal 89B for me. Pretty rare beast. If you have a good 76/276 you'd be interested in trading for it let me know. It'll go on my 1951 T100
Original carb for1946-53 A.J.S Model 18 & Matchless G80 & G9
Our buddy Sam landed this NIB NOS 45" mag for $20!
Can you say race gearing?
Captain Sam also landed these NOS WLA rims. I think it's because people suspected he was Santa in disguise. Way to go Sam!

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