Sunday, September 6, 2015

Start 'Em Young

One of my favorite aspects of hanging around the Seattle Cossacks is the reaction kids have to them. Nearly everyone I know that is into motorcycles has some story about an event that made a huge impression on them as a kid. For some it may be a pack of 1%'ers passing the family station wagon or watching a Supercross race or Evel Knievel or even just that neighbor that took the time chat about their bike or give them a ride. Standing around Cossacks shows I see a number of kids that are initially afraid of motorcycles and by the end of the show they are mugging for Mom & Dad's camera on a Team bike. A significant number of adults you talk to at shows have stories about Cossacks performances introducing them to motorcycles as kids.

Kids are just amazing. I was lucky to have a handful of motorcycle mentors (including my Cossack brother) that took the time to help me along as a kid. I can never repay them so I do my absolute best to pay it forward, even if it's just taking the time to wave at a kid staring at me at a traffic light. I'm so glad I had motorcycles as a kid. One of the major reasons I still love them so much is to this day riding still makes me feel like a kid. If I ever commit to joining the team the mentoring aspect will be a huge motivator.

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