Monday, September 21, 2015

Machine Norton Atlas

I was screwing around on the Internet and came across this Norton Atlas on Machine Shed. This bike was a pretty major influence when I decided to build my first bike several years ago. I still really like it. I love that it looks to have seen some real miles before it was parked to tackle other projects.

Evidently "Matt Machine" was asked to display the bike at Born Free 7 last year. As a result he decided to freshen it up.

To be totally honest I liked much of it a little better before the refresh but it's still super cool. The more I look the more I like it. That said the fur does nothing for me (reminds me too much of the half dozen roadkill opossums I pass every day on the way to work). I really like the bike both with and without the risers though. It's still a very cool bike. Take the time to look at some of his other bikes too.

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