Monday, August 3, 2015

Sturgis Continued

The Cossacks have been keeping us up-to-date with their Sturgis trip pretty regularly via SMS. Since there are interested parties not receiving or having trouble iewing the SMS updates I thought I'd include them here too.

Lunch in Hamilton, MT. Just beyond lolo Pass
Dillion MT. Likely NOT the Indian's first saloon visit in it's life.
Sunrise in Dillion, MT
Virginia City, MT
Quick breakfast and gas-up in Bozeman
Red Lodge. Bikes outnumber cars about 4 to one
Smith mine, closed after a gas explosion in 1943 that killed about 70 miners
Sitting Bull's shirt, Buffalo Bill Museum, Cody WY
Annie Oakley's guns, gloves and trunk
Nearly 1500 miles of the most beautiful country imaginable, and the Seattle Cossacks are about to hit Sturgis for the 75th Black Hills Motorcycle Rally
Greybull Motel. Biker friendly. Maybe
175 miles from Sturgis this construction zone resulted in slow moving bumper to bumper traffic for 16 miles
Sturgis Exit

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