Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Man Down

A fellow rider and coworker of mine was involved in a serious motorcycle accident returning from Sturgis.

Chuck was pulling a trailer with his bike and one of the tires on the trailer blew out. As he was pulling over to the shoulder when the trailer jerked and threw him off the bike directly into his wife Laura's path. She was able to slow but could not stop and ran over Chuck's torso before hitting a guardrail. Chuck's wife has loads of cuts and bruises but walked away. Chuck did not fair so well. Chuck has a broken back, broken ribs, broken clavicle and both lungs are punctured. Chuck had surgery yesterday an is in a lot of pain.

Chuck - pictured on the right
Chuck and Laura will be stuck in Colorado as long as he is hospitalized. Both bikes are heavily damaged. Laura is having to improvise lodging and will probably have to rent a car. Needless to say bills are piling up during a very tough time for them. A GoFundMe has been setup to help them. Please contribute if you are able.

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