Tuesday, February 3, 2015

TSS Motorcycle Parts

I hatched a plan to visit some of the Portland motorcycle sights during our visit for the PDX Motorcycle Film Festival. One of the places I planned to visit was TSS Motorcycle Parts. I've seen their presence on eBay before and have had good luck the few times I've purchased parts from them. I had no idea if they had an actually storefront and wondered if they parts inventory that wasn't normally listed on eBay (such as used parts, Pre Unit parts, etc.). It's always nice to have a parts source near home.

I ran into TRAP pack leader at the first night of the film festival and asked him if there were any vintage Triumph sights I had to visit. I was planning try to find TSS but he said the local Moto Guzzi dealer was the source of Brit stuff. Seem a little weird but OK. Later I noticed they shared the same address.

The guys at the shop were really accommodating and showed us all around. When I saw the Cycle Hub sign it really peaked my interest. See a guy named Cliff Majhor (of Cycle Hub) purchased seven 40-foot truck trailers full of new parts originally from Tri-Cor of Baltimore, MD and Triumph motorcycles of America (formerly known as Johnson Motors) of Los Angeles, CA in 2002.

If you've never seen photos of this parts cache they will absolutely blow your mind.

Apparently Rick, the owner TSS, bought some portion of those parts and has them stashed away offsite.

Wassell NOS
 Incidentally, this BSA will be for sale soon. If you have any interest contact TSS. He might be a source for some amazing NOS parts.