Monday, February 2, 2015

Kelly's Olympian

While running around downtown Portland Rob spotted a '47 Indian Chief in a bar window. Naturally we had to circle back to check it out. Both the staff and and patrons present when we went in midday were super friendly. The quality of all the memorabilia is quite impressive too. Something tells me the Cossacks have found a new hangout whenever they are in Portland. The history is pretty cool too. From the Kelly's Olympian web site:

Kelly’s Olympian is Portland’s third oldest continuously opened and operated bar/restaurant. It has gone through a number of evolutions throughout the years, and has consistently been one of the locals favorite gathering places. It is truly a colorful part of Portland’s history.

In the early days, it was a popular gathering spot for locals as well as visiting timbermen, sailors, shipyard workers, longshoremen and others passing through. In addition to being a popular bar, it had the reputation for having one of the most well known card rooms in all of Portland…and was truly a landmark.