Saturday, January 10, 2015

Southwest Cycles

I recently ran across this photo on the new Southwest Cycles website. Pretty awesome. The shop has quite a legacy.

In 1976 Charles and Doris Neiderman opened Southwest Motorcycles shop at the original location at 1656 Bridge Blvd. SW in Albuquerque, NM. Charles a retired military man had a love for mechanics. He had it in his heart to start a family business. In 1985 Charles passed away and Doris (gramey Doris) took over and managed the shop. In 1978 Carl Neiderman son of Charles started working at his dads shop and took over the family business in July 1, 1989 and has been running it ever since. Carl and Theresa his wife still run the shop with son Jonah as head mechanic.

It's pretty impressive that they've been operating the shop for 2 1/2 generations. When I lived in the SW, Southwest Cycles was the only local source for parts. I always wanted to make SWC my "local" shop where I bought all my parts. When I was able to work with Carl directly he was always extremely knowledgeable and seemed like a good guy. Unfortunately you can rarely work with Carl directly. Theresa and some of the other people that regularly man the counter seemed to know very little about the British bikes and parts they sell. On several occasions I had small machine jobs done and Theresa would try to tack on an additional 40% to the price Carl quoted.

A short time later Moore's Cycle Center became my "home" shop. Keith Moore was everything you could want. Friendly, extremely knowledgeable and very customer service oriented.  I always enjoyed calling to order parts from him. Not only was I able to get fast and friendly parts orders done, I learned something new every single time I talked to him. I wish I'd actually been able to meet him face-to-face before he passed away.

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