Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ran When Parked

1938 Triumph Speed Twin - I'm not sure I've seen two 1938 Speed Twins for sale in the last 10 years. I was quite surprised to find two '38s Triumph's last night. If I won the lottery tonight I'd likely go with this one.
In case your pockets aren't quite that deep how about this one? OK, so it's not a Speed Twin but it's still kinda cool.

1938 Triumph 3SE Pre Unit Frame, Gas Tank, Oil Tank, Motor Mounts, Gearbox Mounts, Rear Brake Pedal and Rod assembly. 77 year old parts that are hard to find. 1st year of the 3SE (Exported to Australia). Pictures show the exact items for sale. Used, perfect for restoration. $2000. USD
  I'm saving my pennies for that 1939 T100 Tiger I'll find any day now.

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