Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rust Inhibitor

Moving from the Southwest desert to the rainy Pacific Northwest his introduced some entirely new problems to me. For example... I've never needed to figure out how to prevent moss from growing on my front steps before.

There are lots of unfinished surfaces on your typical vintage motorcycle I've never had to worry about before either. Well in this climate they all flash rust. There are lots of plating solutions (CAD, chrome, Parkerizing, etc.) but some things are just unplated.  I had to search for some sort rust inhibitor.

This stuff has worked pretty darn well for me in the past. Apparently it's faired pretty impressively for others too. Unfortunately it's nearly impossible to buy off shelf anywhere.

Obviously this stuff has to be reapplied from time-to-time which I can live with. The other gun corrosion inhibitors I've tried don't work nearly as well which makes me wonder why the Eezox stuff isn't easier to find. Are there any other products, approaches or suggestions my friends from wetter habitats might suggest?

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