Monday, October 6, 2014

Ran When Parked

1954 Rikuo Chopper - Tired of loosing your Road King in a parking lot full of Road Kings? This Rikuo should set you a part. The best part? The Harley guys will hate it because it's "not a Harley." The Japanese motorcycle enthusiasts will hate it because they will think it's a Harley.

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Anonymous said...

Mike Tom restored one before he went into the Army. It was in a issue of Easy Rider also. Mikes Dad sold it to Harley for 3 new Shovelheads at that time. When Mike came back and asked where the motorcycle was his Dad stated he sold it to Harley. My Rookie Year in 08' with the Seattle Cossack's we went back for the 105th Anniversary for Harley and toured the Harley museum, Mike meet the curator of the museum and asked if they still had the motorcycle and it was in their Archive bikes area. The curator was willing to get it out for us but Mike wanted to see if they still had it. That was over 20 plus years and Harley still had it restored to the same condition Mike put it back to. Mike stated they were spitting images of a 45" just with a glide frontend on them.