Sunday, May 11, 2014

South Prairie Fy-In 2014

The South Prairie Fly-In took place yesterday. Without fail this is one of my favorite events of the year. Cars, airplanes, motorcycles... what could be better. Unfortunately once again I was not able to take a bike. Vaughn went with me though and that was again awesome. I will make it down there next year on a bike even if it kills me. Luckily Nate and Flathead Rob were free of Cossack commitments and they were both able to ride down (I sure hope that also happens next year). We ran into a number of old friends including the Littlefields.  Another benchmark of how great a show is how much I remember to (or feel like) taking pictures. These pictures represent maybe 10% of what was there and caught my eye. The rest of the time I was too "in the moment."

The event is casual and impromptu feeling. The quality of vehicles in attendance is exceptional and and the attendees are great. I can't wait for next year.

 Vaughn and I were absolutely thrilled to get a ride in Mike C's Model T (it was Vaughn's second... lucky kid). Mike and Rob exchanged hand-crank and kickstart lessons. I got to crank the T too but it was after the car was warm and it couldn't have been any easier. Rob was a little more challenged:

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english stephen said...

Great photos - can't believe I wasn't there!