Sunday, May 25, 2014

Model T Driving School

Today's Seattle Times has a nice feature on the Model T driving classes being offered at the Lemay Museum. Flathead Rob and I ran into Mike Conrad at a swap meet a few months ago and mentioned that he'd be helping out with the classes. I had just seen the Top Gear episode (seriously, watch this!) in which they strove to find the first car with conventional controls. I thought it was an absolutely brilliant idea. Sign me up!

Mike Conrad gave my son Vaughn a ride in a Model T about a year ago and I'll admit, I was a little envious that I'd never ridden in one. I finally got a ride at the 2014 South Prairie Fly-In (I'm not in the photo). I got to hand-crank the car too! No joke. It was really really cool.

 I haven't seen Mike's whole Model T collection yet but I hope to some day. He has some pretty exotic stuff.

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