Friday, February 14, 2014

International Motorcycle Show Seattle 2014

Emma was invited to participate in vintage motorcycle exhibit at the Seattle International Motorcycle Show. I wasn't all that excited about going to the show before I saw some of the other bikes in the vintage display. Is it wrong to like it when the quality of vintage bikes is so high at a show they make my bike look like a Toyota Corolla?

Thanks to Flathead Rob for helping me clean Emma up for the display
Emma's new Brough buddy.

Anytime my wife or daughter is around and All Girls Garage happens to come on they give me limitless crap. I was pretty amused to see that one of the hosts is apparently working the Triumph booth. I need to get a picture of her sitting on Emma to give to them.


Flathead45 said...

Wow, white linen under the motorcycles. No pressure there... My bike would have "marked its territory" before I could get the camera focused. The new Tigers look great.

The Indian hill-climber is really cool

BitMonkey said...

I noticed tonight Emma had left a drop smaller than a dime. She's so lady like. Thankfully it's a white table and not fabric.