Saturday, August 31, 2013

Roller Magazine

I recently found these bike photos from a Japanese magazine called Roller.

I have extremely mixed feeling about bikes like these. On one level I really appreciate the esthetic, I'm not a huge fan of most of the most of the 60's show bikes that seem to be such a trend right. I'm growing pretty tired of seeing them all the time too, even if I was actually into them. The Japanese bikes are simply much closer to the sort of bikes I'd build myself.

On the other hand I suspect a fair percentage of the bikes started as very complete original unmolested bikes. Some of these bikes ridiculously rare as well, a finite resource. I suspose most of the bikes could be returned to stock form fairly easily.

I suppose I should just be thankful they aren't butchering flawless original bikes to build choppers like a lot of other people are doing. It sucks to see bikes that miraculous survived  60 years without being cut up. There are so many bikes that were hideously chopped in the 70's or reduced to basket cases at some point. Why the hell don't people use those sorts of bikes instead. It just sucks.



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