Friday, July 5, 2013

Bomber Gas Station

While running around the area near Portland Oregon as a small kid I recall both my Dad and my Grandfather making it a point call attention to the B-17G positioned above a gas station in Milwaukee Oregon.

The appeal is undeniable and I'm sure that has been the case ever since Art Lacey bought the surplus bomber to make his filling station more of a landmark in 1947.

My Dad pointed it out again as we drove past it today. It's always amazing to see something as an adult you remember as a kid. I remembered it being about 30 feet above the ground and spanning the length of a standard multi pump filling station...

Operation as a gas station ceased in 1991. Sources say a restoration effort of some sort has been in the works for "Lady Lacey" (named for Art Lacey's British wife) but I was sad to see it's current state. Still if this had been a "New Mexico" plane I'm fairly confident it would

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