Sunday, March 13, 2011

Seat Update

Took my first real outing on the new Triumph seat setup today. It may not be too esthetically pleasing but I'm a little amazed just how much more functional it is. I'm kinda optimistic.

Somewhat unrelated, I was looking at an old picture or one of Ian Barry's Triumphs from the pre-Falcon days today. The leaf spring setup made remember the one used on the Falcon Bullet.

I remember reading somewhere they used a 40's tractor seat spring. A few minutes with my buddy Google and Yesterday's Tractor Company told me it was a Farmall seat spring. For the money I'm tempted to buy one to play with.


Unknown said...
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Flathead45 said...

I like the aesthetics of the tractor spring, but the mounting up front would be pretty critical to not concentrate too much stress.