Sunday, March 6, 2011

More Seat Crap

I worked on my seat setup a little more today and rode it some. After adjusting the seat a little it looks a bit less goofy. It is certainly considerably more plush than the spring setup. Plush enough? I guess time will tell.

I was actually able to find all the wacky hardware required for the setup at Ace Hardware. I ran into "Too Many Projects" Tommy by the bolt bins. Guess I'm not the only one now driving across town for $8 worth of hardware.

And now for the portion only Flathead Rob cares about (actually, that might well be this whole post). When I was leaving Ace I asked the cashier if they knew of any place I could buy some 1/4" steel plate on Saturday. The guy in line behind me recommended Koenig's Metalmorphosis. Flathead Rob will surely recall lusting after model T's in this yard as a pre-pubescent boy.

I'm SUPER happy to find them! They sold me some small pieces of plate and plasma cut a bracket for a very reasonable fee, less than the plate would have cost at Ace/Lowes if they even had it. I can't recommend them enough for your stupid fabrication projects. Appears they also offer machine shop rentals of some sort. Maybe I can remember some of the countless hours I spent in Metals Shop dodging all else High School related...

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Flathead45 said...

My first taste of the real world was finally working up the courage to knock on the door at Koenig's house to ask if they would be willing to sell their Model T touring car. I was 14... I think they said maybe for $20,000. I have long since come to realize that it's not uncommon for an old car to disintegrate into a pile of rust while the owner holds out for some unrealistically high price.

Anyway, your seat looks a lot better since adjustment, and I am glad that you made the connection to expand your fabrication capabilities.