Monday, February 7, 2011


I received a small package of hardware from Flathead45 (thanks!). Sucks when you don't have a hardware store worth a damn.

I've been reluctant to post any progress pictures of the Suzook, I'm tired of seeing it just get uglier. Flathead45 asked for pictures so it's the least I could do.

I decided to bolt rather than weld on the battery box. The small battery is a bit of an experiment. The same sized battery has worked great on the Triumph but there's no electric start. Seems to be working well so far but who knows...

The wiring looks like crap here because nothing but the starter solenoid and battery are firm mounted yet. I'll work on dressing everything once it's more permanent. I'm fairly happy with the shape of the rear plate now I just need to find the nerve to actually weld it in place.

I've been working on shaping the seat foam for a couple of days. Might well be the lamest "building a motorcycle" task I've done to date. It takes for ever and is making a fucking unbelievable mess. A couple more days and it might actually fit the pan right. I don't have $$ for vinyl right now so I'm in no hurry anyway.

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Flathead45 said...

I think it all looks great. A only have one question- what's a starter solenoid?

My starter solenoid is size 11.5...