Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Glamor Shot

My friend Stephen took this stunning shot of my 'Liv. Stephen is a super cool guy with all the right interests... cars, motorcycles, airplanes, art, music, guitars. Vaughn really likes his dog too.

Thanks to Stephen I now get away with effectively "parking my bike" in both my office and my living room. Some of the other shots he took are just as cool.

His Triumph Speed Triple is immaculately clean from a design perspective, has flawless fabrication with incredible attention to detail and is still somehow remarkably understated. His other design projects and photography mirror all the same traits. Enjoy.

Incidentally, Stephen really needs to find a Triumph Cub project. Let me know if you hear of something irresistible.


Flathead45 said...

Beautiful photos... I was just curious as to what Steven's reaction would be if a pristine, snow-white backdrop was punctuated by a single modest puddle of inky black fifty-weight, dropped emphatically from a grouchy seventy-two year old flathead...

Stephen said...

I think it would be so perfect - must try it - it would make an excellent photo - maybe a good idea to photograph the puddle and the bike separately though... :-)