Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dime City Cycles

Dime City Cycles is getting quite a bit of press from their participation in the Discovery Channel Cafe Racer series. I like their Manx quite a bit.

About the Cafe Racer series. Something about the Rocker lifestyle thing strikes me as lame/poserish. Dress up and pretend... seems a lot like LARPers. To each their own I guess.


Vorhese said...

"Cafe Racers" Mono shocks? The term is pretty loosely used nowadays.

The chopper scene, scooter scene, and even the Cannonball-scene dress ups can be just as bad.

BitMonkey said...

I suppose. At least some of the others still seem more about the motorcycles than the fashion or trying to be a bad ass. Choppers, scooters, on second thought maybe I'm wrong.

One of my favorite moments from when the Cannonball passed through here was seeing Jeff Decker leave on a $100,000+ motorcycle wearing a super rad vintage Bell racing full-face and a trash bag for rain gear.