Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A What?

Holy cow this is pretty!


Flathead45 said...

Experts out threre, please offer your opinion on what this is... I am pretty sure the frame and front fork is from a VL. The transmission is from a big twin, but the engine does not match the description that was posted with the bike.

BLAM said...

I'll have that, please.

BitMonkey said...

OK, so the original listing on Walnecks for this described it as a WL lower end, with KR cams and top end. Just didn't sem right.

Flathead45 contacted the seller and he corrected it with "Walnecks made an error on the add.They placed the picture of my 39 knuckle on the add. The Knuckle is for sale @ $29K OBO."

You think Santa thinks Flathead45 has been $29K good? I do but I don't really count that far North.