Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chop Shop (4-wheeled post)

Was surfing for 1933 Plymouth Pics the other night, and stumbled across this picture. You may not agree with this person's aesthetics, but when you actually think of the details of this body mod, it's pretty amazing...

The door is made from the front half of the front door merged with the back half of the back door. Looks like he got the roof line pretty close too.

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BitMonkey said...

Wild. It looks like it jumped out of a Big Daddy Roth illustration. It just needs a big monster head poking out of the roof.

I have mixed feelings about some of the hot rods being built right now. Some of the ultra chopped/ultra channeled cars are NOT so period correct and will eventually go out of style rather ungracefully. Let's face it, hot rods are fashion to some extent. Unfortunately real 30's steel bodies are a limited commodity.