Friday, November 27, 2009


The Rain finally stopped today. Had to get the 45" out. Decided to try to find Thunder Valley Cycles, out in Maple Valley.

To make a long story a bit shorter, the 45" ended up on the dyno. After a brief delay to move a new Triumph Thruxton and track down stronger tiedowns to contain all that torque and horsepower ;<), we fired it up. I didn't have a camera, so no pix, sorry.

From the dyno run I learned:

My idle mixture is a bit lean...about 16 to 1
My running mixture is right on... at 14 to 1
My engine puts out a whopping 23 hp (which isn't bad for a 45"!)
My primary oiler needs to be adjusted to slow the drip. My Harley "marked it's territory" on the dyno.

Aaron and his son Cody are pretty cool. It will likely become a semi-regular haunt when I'm out riding with nowhere to go.


BitMonkey said...

23 BHP. No joke, I'm a little surprised and impressed.

Great story. Did you get one of those print out slips you can now use for your Facebook profile photo?

Flathead45 said...

No, but Aaron did mention he could hook me up with some nitrous....

Nate said...

Rob, When the team (Seattle Cossacks) went back for Harley's 105th. Mike put his 45 on the Dyno and nealry blew it up. He had to stop it because bolts were coming undone everywhere. He did this about 30 min before we were going to put on a show for one of the Harley shops back there. This Sat were doing a toy run down south in Olympia, then the 12th were at RMC/DownTown Harley for a show.