Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekly CAD Report

Fun day at CAD today. Steven Gorrell was there again with yet another ridiculously cool HD. This time a period perfect Knucklehead bobber painted to match the 352nd Fighter Group P51's. Long list of impossible to find parts like a NOS Crocker taillight. Sorry for the S#$@ty picture.

Michael Breeding was riding a '51 Indian (yellow bike below). Intersting guy who makes some crazy Indian, VL, Henderson, etc. parts. Checkout his site, you never know when you'll need a siren, center stand or some wacky fork part. His jewelery page is well worth a look.

Finally, I met a guy named James Mosher that was shaking down a newly purchased '69 Triumph Trophy for PJ of PJ's Triumph. I got the impression he really knows Triumphs/Vincents/Nortons and offered to hook me up with some dyno time to get my carbs and timing spot on. Apparently his real bag is hot rod Indians and restorations of all types. His site is a great way to lose at least an hour! I later relized a '40 Indian Scout he restored was also up there today.

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Flathead45 said...

The knuck is really cool. It's got '41-42 tank badges and trim, just like mine. The Flanders risers and buckhorn bars are standard Cossacks modifications. It's convenient to hook your ankles under the Buckhorn bars. He needs a magneto switch from an airplane to complement the 442nd fighter group look.

The Mike Breeding's "Super Chief" totally won me over. Other than a girder front end (less practical but oh so cool) I wouldn't change a thing.

Seems as though NM has a thriving vintage motorcycle scene. Too fun!

I had the 45" out yesterday between rain squalls. Ran flawlessly. Perfect marriage of motorcycle and tractor.