Saturday, January 17, 2009

Now THAT"S "Old School"!!!

Hank Young, eat your heart out.  This machine made Time Magazine's all-time 50 worst cars list.  Here's what they said about this 1913 Scripps-Booth "Bi-Autogo" (the "training wheels are retractable once you're underway):  "A 3,200 lb. motorcycle with training wheels, a V8 engine and enough copper tubing to provide every hillbilly in the Ozarks with a still, the Scripps-Booth Autogo was the daft experiment of James Scripps-Booth, an heir of the Scripps publishing fortune and a self-taught - or untaught - auto engineer.  The Bi-Autogo was essentially a two-wheeled vehicle, carrying it's considerable heft on 37-in. wooden wheels.  At slow speeds, the driver could lower small wheels on outriggers to stabilize the vehicle so it wouldn't plop over.  This is not a case of the advantage of hindsight; this was obviously a crazy idea, even in 1913.  The Bi-Autogo does enjoy the historical distinction of being the first V8-powered vehicle ever built in Detroit, so you could argue it is the beginning of an even greater folly."

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BLAM said...

I have one of these, which I rode to the local petrolaeum station a fortnight ago. I told the attendant to re-vulcanize my tires, posthaste! Twenty three skiddoo!