Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bike or Just Jealous Girlfriend?

Glad to hear the clutch cable is fixed. You need to be positive about your Anglo-Saxon motorcycle experience. At least it doesn't have natural rubber coolant hoses that crack on an annual basis.

The 45" was missing intermittently, and I attempted to replace the condenser. The new condenser wouldn't work at all, so I replaced the original one, and now the miss is gone. Sometimes I think my motorcycle just gets jealous when I spend time doing something else, and it just wants to let me know who wears the pants in the relationship...

Oh well, I guess I have at least learned the miss is electrical and not carburetion (if one can glorify a Linkert by calling it a carburetor).

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BitMonkey said...

Ella (my Jazz Bass wife) is exactly like you describe. Without fail I'll get hired to do a recording session or something important and there is one tiny spot on the neck that buzzes and wrecks general havoc. It's as if shes saying "Where have you been! I'm not just waiting around for your tired old ass!"

Once I've played her for a couple hours the neck is again absolutely flawless. It always genuinely makes me feel a little guilty.