Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oil Tank


7 Metal West

I'm still working on some of the planning involved in trying to use a Filcoolator style beehive oil filter canister as an oil tank.
The following are a few of the items I'm still trying to firm up:
  • Is the capacity adequate for a warm climate (stock Triumph capacity is 2 - 2.5 quarts)
  • Plumbing including the rocker box feed
  • How to address a breather
  • If the tank would be run with/without the filter
  • Is there enough clearance below the tank for a battery
I have a visit planned for Monday to talk to the owner of a flathead Ford with a Filcoolator, and apparently a couple of other types of after market beehives. Hopefully talking to him and getting some measurements will provide some answers.

The Filcoolator's are very similar in size to the 7 Metal West 2.5 quart vertical beehive. Both are roughly 5" by 9" but the Filcoolator has a more tapered shape equaling less capacity. 7 Metal West has put a lot of thought into engineering & plumbing for a Triumph. They use:

1.25" ID filler neck
1/4 NPT breather plug,
1/4 NPT drain plug
1/4 NPT send boss
1/4 NPT return boss
Return boss has 3/16" restricter fitting hole to increase oil pressure to the rocker box "T"
7 Metal West even sells hardware kits here

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