Sunday, July 6, 2008

Microphone taillight?

Have you considered using an antique/vintage microphone as the basis for a taillight? Some of the art deco one have a really cool shape, and they sell those really bright LED lights in dozens of different configurations.

The microphone and tail light share three features: an open end (with a cool grille or fins), a bracket or socket to mount it, and a separate hole for wiring to exit. If you found one you could polish, so much the better, and it would look good with the beehive.

Give it some thought, and put a "vintage microphone" search into eBay...

John says... "This is the one I need!"

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BitMonkey said...

Interesting idea. I think I kinda prefer something that's sorta bullet shaped. I instantly thought of blues harp mics because they all have that basic shape. Like these: