Sunday, June 18, 2023

The Krystal Kinetics - Seattle, WA 1956

From American Motorcycling magazine December 1956:

Girls in Seattle, Wash., formed a new club called the "Krystal Kinetics" and is the only girls' motorcycle drill team that we've heard of. The club is only about six months old, and so far they have only ridden in parades, bur rumors are they'll make their debut next year, which could be the kickoff for a long career as a professional team.

The Krystal Kinetics, Seattle, Wash., recently formed girl motorcycle drill team.
Left to right: Doris Deeter, Margaret Drager, Rosemary Ross, Grace Hill, Georgia Olson, Corky Fredenberg, Alice Myers
(possibly the wife of Gwenn Meyers?) and Donna Walters. Members not shown are LaRae Palmer, Mickey Johnson and Nita Miller.

There are some members of Pacific Northwest motorcycle royalty in these ranks!

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