Wednesday, September 26, 2018


My wife has been extremely tolerant of my vintage motorcycle obsession over the years. One component of that has been her willingness to occasionally bail me out when the when the almost inevitable mechanical happens on 50+ year old motorcycles. In appreciation I like to make the occasional rescue as painlessly as possible for her (i.e. throw a ramp in the truck and drive to wherever we are). If the truck breaks down on the way there that sort of becomes too much to ask. At 20 years old and nearly 200,000 my previous hauler was starting to become less than reliable. I recently opted to replace it. So far the new one has not hauled a bike. Is it obvious I have a thing for blue?
 I love the new truck but I'll still miss the old one. My son is already preferring to ride in the backseat of this one over the jump-seat in the old one. His fit back there was better 10 years ago.

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