Thursday, October 26, 2017

Budschat Story Time

A recent Facebook post from Mike Budschat about his legendary Dad Bob Budschat. The photo's not great but the story makes up for it:

“My Dad beat their top fuel car at Arlington (Western Washington Timing Association) with a rigid 650 Triumph. He missed a shift and the car got ahead so he changed lanes, drafting the car. Just before the finish he pulled out and passed him. They weren’t happy about that. :)"
Mike said the following about the plate:
"This was a plate presented to my Dad for top point getter in Washington. It was painted by Cliff Cox and when you look at the plate the number one has a repeat of the rider, I loved looking at this as a kid!"

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Unknown said...

On our trips to go racing in the states it was compulsory to visit Bob Budschat's.