Wednesday, March 8, 2017


As my son Vaughn is rolling into the new BMX season we've just started working on his jumping a little. Naturally Vaughn has been asking a lot of questions about what I could and couldn't do when I was younger and less breakable. The sport has evolved enough over the years that I spend a fair of time saying stuff like "Back flips just didn't exist back then." I did however spend hours and hours working on the perfect "tabletop" when I was a kid. I wish I had some photos from that time but cell phone cameras didn't exist then either...

Just in case you need to work on that perfect 80's tabletop here's a "How To" from Bicycle Motocross Action magazine. I actually remember reading this article.

 Granted, BMX freestyle has evolved in unbelievable fashion since then but a tabletop (now a "whip" if you aren't prehistoric) still just exudes style in my book. If I was forced to choose I'd take being able to execute a textbook perfect tabletop/whip over a backflip any day. It's not a choice I'll make in my lifetime. It will be cool to see where Vaughn lands someday though.

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