Sunday, June 26, 2016

Seattle Cossacks Lemay Marymount 2016

My family and I made the trek down to Lemay Marymount Motorccycle Week 2016 for Father's Day. Great event as always. The featured motorcycle this year was Indian and it was quite well represented. The historical exhibits were awesome as usual and I even got to help a little with one. The motorcycle soccer was a hoot and I met some really cool people. Strolling through the entire car collection with both my Mom and gearhead son gave him some real world insight to living with those cars he might never have otherwise had. Great day all-in-all.

 I see enough Seattle Cossack shows in a given season that they can start to seem a little routine.This was a pretty exceptional show. Those guys are really kind of BAMF's. When was the last time you rode 2 pre-war Harleys at once? Or jumped a few friends on your Dad's beautiful restored Knucklehead? Thanks to Jeff Earle for these unbelievable photos. There were a couple of wonderful nods to Cossack father's too. Jimi Wright performed in his father's uniform shirt. Captain Sam did the flaming board crash with team-member/son Zack on the back. Look closely, you'll find him. That board crash was f%$king nuts this time around!

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