Thursday, November 13, 2008


I'm prepared to get teased about sounding like "Joe Chopper" but something about the stance of my bike has been bothering me.

I came to the conclusion that the 2.5" drop in my hardtail makes my forks look overly long. I started crunching numbers a little and realized shortening the forks by 2" would put the steering geometry back to right about stock. I also think it makes a rather stunning improvement to the bike cosmetically.

This is a pretty common mod to make on Triumphs. For the later model Triumph/BSA forks you can fairly easily lower them by adding a spacer (really appealing because you don't have to cut them). I haven't been able to confirm that works on the earlier external spring forks though. There's also a company called Forking by Franks that's been cutting & re-threading them ($35 each tube) and making better than new replacement tubes in any length ($188 a set) for about 40 years.

The pictures above show the forks compressed 2". Compare them to some photos from a week ago.

I'm curious what everyone else thinks...

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