Thursday, June 12, 2008

Celebrity Main Jets

It's been a while. I pulled the float bowls and discovered I have 220 main jets. Way too rich for the old ABQ. I called SW Cycles and they were helpful with jetting advice but did not actually have the correct size jets in stock.

I began looking for something mail order. Google produced a vast array of the ubiquitous Triumph retailer's 10 year old websites complete with clear text shopping cart. Ebay had single jets up for auction with $10 buy it now prices and $7 shipping. I ended emailing Wes at Four Aces Cycle Supply. He said they had the jets recommended as a starting point (180's). Apparently behind the scenes he had ordered them from a local supplier for delivery to the shop today. When I called back today, he opened the package and realized they'd actually sent over 280's. He dug around the shop and ultimately raided the stash the shop uses when they travel to Bonneville. I hope they end up resolving my problems. I wonder if they've broken 100 MPH...

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