Sunday, September 3, 2017

Steam Show

My brother Rob and I joined some guys in the VME on a group ride to the Toledo Steam Show. The highlight for me was  meeting Doug Blackburn, Doug, the owner/operator of this 1899 Armerican Steam Fire Engine, told my brother Rob and I a pretty entertaining story about "borrowing" his Dad's 1948 Indian Chief way before he was old enough to handle a bike that size. We had to see how one fit him now.

Talking to Doug about restoring a 120 year old steam powered machine (building a boiler, having it hydrostatically tested every year, figuring out how to run it, insuring it, etc.)  made me momentarily feeling like my compulsive obsession with restoring old motorcycles is not all that crazy. Piecing Rob's imploded distributor rotor back together with nothing but a screwdriver on the way home made that feeling pass... Save a faulty rivot on a repop part both bikes ran like a top and ultimately got us home. Fun ride.

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