Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Amal Slides

I spotted this write up on FB several months ago. I tried to find the original source but was unsuccessful. Seriously... just buy new carbs if you find yourself in this position. That said, if for some reason you can't get this could be worth a shot. Just don't kill yourself.

Anyone who's messed around with British bikes and Amal carburetors even a little has undoubtedly encountered an Amal Concentric with a sticking slide. Inevitably some ham-fisted gorilla along a poor bike's life over tightens the intake mounting bolts warping the carburetor bore. Naturally the slide typically sticks at wide open throttle! Amal is now selling brand new Concentrics that look identical externally but have been greatly improved. Do yourself a favor and just replace those boogered up old carbs. If however you can't follow that advice for some unknown reason, this is the best advice I've seen for attempting to fix one.

Remove the slide from the bore and take off all the attachments. Drop the slide back in and see where it jams. Then squeeze the carb body with your fingers in various places near the top and note where the slide then drops. The distortion will be at the top of the bore and that's where you will need to squeeze. Using a proper size vice-grips, open the jaws with the  adjuster screw to just fit around the carb body. Turn the screw in 1/2 turn increments and squeeze the top of the slide body where you found the slide to jam with the slide removed. If that doesn't cause the slide to drop smoothly, slowly continue to adjust the screw in small increments until you distort the carb body just enough to allow the slide to drop smoothly. The key here is to work carefully and progressively. Always check by squeezing with your fingers after each vise-grip squeeze. The illustrations show measuring a bore with the carburettor removed but you only need to check the slide in the bore while still in place. I hope this will help anyone with a sticky Amal!

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