Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bob Budschat

Mike Budschat was kind enough to allow me to post some of the family photos of his dad Bob Budschat. Bob was a very successful local racer sponsored and employed by Dewey's Cycle. The Budschat family later opened their own shop selling Ducati, Norton and Velocette. The retained Mike's photo comments as captions.
1957 moving into our new home. May as well take a picture of your trophy collection before you put them inside. This is my Dad, Bob, my Mom, Val and sister Val.
I like this picture. 1955 my Dad Bob on a 500 Matchless twin out front of all the Oregon boys in Salem Oregon. No dust when you're out front.
1957 or 1958. My dad Bob after winning Boise TT.
Not sure what year or which track but a good shot of Bob Budschat on a Triumph
You won't see a race today run with a wood bridge. This the famous Death Head Derby race in Olympia Was. He won it later in 1955.
To the victor go the spoils. Dad pretty much cleaned up with his Ducati in short tracks in the Northwest.

My Dad raced Catalina in 56. He was the first out-of-state rider. I got to go along too. I think my mom supplied the caption.

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